Happy 2018!
Yikes, Watch Out, It's January!!!!
Happy Birthday Capricorn!!
The first month of the new year features the darkest of winter nights as a backdrop for the most stars!  The sun rises now at the Top of the zodiac, sidereal Capricorn, the dying goat springing up anew as a dolphin.
The transforming sign of a sea goat, a hardy full- blooded sign, which lets us see by cold clear light what is no longer valid in the world and in our lives.  We notice many issues just dying and falling away, collapsing into the vast sea of transformation.  The Sea Goat makes no sense to us in our waking life, as goats don't live in the sea, or ride the waves, while fish don't usually rise up from the bottom.  The goat half of the sign is falling in death, while the fish half of him rises in excited life!!   We have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, vastness, and unique position of our pale blue home! We, like the sign, can allow what no longer lives within us with spark and vitality to fall peacefully away into the vast oceans of transformative energies around us, and allow the thriving new life to flow upwards!  Our connection to our family circle, our traditions and blood ties are intensely important to us now.  Our ethics and our roots become vital and rise with us, along with the best of our identity, our posterity!!  
We star gazers, readers of Gods word written in the heavens, know the names of the stars of Capricorn as The Kids, Sacrifice, Station of Bearing, and the Place of Birth.  
Now the stars of Sagitta the Arrow (of the Centaur) rise before the sun, pointing precisely at the Dark Rift at the center of the galaxy.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Arrow, The Destroying, and The Enemy.  Those people and relationships born under these stars stable, enduring, tenacious, and ambitious, concrete and thrifty.  
 The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 

The daily lights, calculated from real time at sunrise on the Pacific coast, for Friday 19 January 2018

The moon buoys into Aquarius early this morning, 2 32 AM Pacific, 5 32 AM eastern, flooding us with ideas and inspirations! With the moon in airy Aquarius and the sun in traditional Capricorn, we strive for the heights and reach them!  We are at our most inclusive and philanthropic.  We look at the Big Picture and tackle it whole!  Not the time to go on an ego trip!  Special care must be taken of the small joints and ankles, as these are at their most vulnerable now.  Recall, 'touch not with iron those parts of the body resided 

Our early morning dreams are full of surprises!!  We may lag late as a result of indulging, 3 52 AM Pacific, 6 52 AM eastern time, when haste will cause mishaps.  Slow down, it's Friday!!

A fruitful and productive day is capped at 5 08 PM Pacific, 8 08 PM eastern, when we have the most blessed and inspired words to pass on!  We hear the nicest things, too!!

A great night for ball room dancing!




This is a great year, a whole new ball game, Star Travelers!! 

     The Christian Capricorn knight is on quest for the True Cross, the Great Work, or the Holy Grail.  The Christian Capricorn knight is out traversing the worlds, rescuing, slaying monsters, banishing evildoers, and salvaging treasures.  As a Capricorn, this knight understands the value and rewards of discipline, labors tirelessly for the common good, carries a heavy load by choice, and seldom loses his dignity.   Called the Go-Getter, this knight is patient and practical, ambitious and unexpectedly humourous, shy, sometimes grim.  He knows the
hard tasks ahead.

     Far from being mundane, superficial, or shallow, Capricorn is a mystery sign, possessing profound insights. From Capricorns indigo energy emerges the secrets of the midnight sky, the universe and the glory of the supernatural. People born under this sign' indigo ray are empathetic and connected to their innate intuition.

     This birth sign is connected with the unseen and spiritual illumination which helps others understand the true significance of the existence of the soul. The unbalanced indigo can drive into deep depressions. Energy wise, indigo helps us understand and see things from new perspectives, as in indigo lives the understanding of life's process. Indigo gives energy to the brow chakra and the pineal gland, physically, increasing sleep and dream activity, whilst helping to eliminate nightmares. It calms nerves whilst stimulating sight, smell and hearing senses. Ideal for meditation, intuition, and psychic abilities.

     Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Capricorn knight knows The Lord as Judge, is protective of The Place of Birth, of The Kids of the flock.


The orb of communication and ideas, Mercury, shoots through the sign of the Celestial Archer, Sagittarius.  We may notice that we speak in future tense, of what we want to do, what we plan to accomplish, and that for which we fervently hope.  
This is a great time to investigate schooling, classes, higher education, and travel.
Mercurys journey through Sagittarius teaches us the art of speaking gracefully, and forgiving a great deal of faux pas!  
The phantom moon Vulcan scoots down the saddle of the conquering Horseman! 


Venus, the golden girl of the cosmos, is at the Top of the zodiac in sidereal Capricorn, still a bit eclipsed by the powerful rays of our mighty sun.  This casts a practical shadow on our romantical notions, as Capricorn is more about commitment, loyalty, power through adversity.  We can make the most of this sojourn by capitalizing on our earning capacity, bettering our future through managing our selves now.  

She will emerge from the sunbeams into Aquarius, another friendly but friends-only sign, on February 7 th.  Not much for St. Valentines Day!  We greet the spring with her inner grace, vast spiritual treasures, and rich splendor on March 3 rd when she is exalted in Pisces, our own special sign!


Fidgety Mars takes a quick journey through Scorpio, a sign he feels quite comfortable in stirring up, upsetting, blasting with sound and fury.  Our best bet is hard physical exercise, which will benefit us in more than one way!

Mighty, benevolent Jupiter, now in Libra, enhances and expands all that is elegant, refined, sweetly harmonious and charming.  What a year we have ahead! 


Saturn is making a straight shot through Sagittarius, stalling our travel plans and putting a damper on our school credits.  The dour schoolteacher of the cosmos, at his best, can steady all the wild sky horses with sober calm, turning their tricks into reigns to guide our own inner drives with a more mature hand.  We  have the next couple of years to study the laws by which we live and measure them against the Laws by which we really live.  If there is a discrepancy, now is the time to address such issues. Schooling and study itself will come under scrutiny and some fire.  Test the tester!!  We will find travel restrictions are nothing new and hard as iron now, and we need to seriously consider the need for borders.  Saturn is all about form, walls, and watching.


Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, basks in Pisces, our own special sign, turning up old surprises.  If we watch the news we know the news!!  The blue green orb reigns at the 29 th karmic degree in the karmic till the 2 nd of February, so let's be careful of what comes blasting up from the depths.  He will dither on the 0 degree of Aries but as spring launches itself upon us, he will explode through the Spring Lamb like a soccer match on steroids.  Sports, military maneuvers, policing issues and leadership opportunities seem to materialize out of the air, and demand immediate action.  Let's be ready to think on our feet, Star Travelers!   This can be a fun time full of exploration, innovation, experimentation.

Neptune, the orb of idealism and music, buoys through Aquarius, the sign of ideas, brotherhood, idealism, and innovation.  This  inspires delightful forms and colors for a future that is more out of this world than of it.   


Pluto, the fateful, fitful energy orb which can open our eyes to what is really there in front of us cruises in the sign of true blue Sagittarius.  Our core beliefs about religion, the law, The Law, education, and foreign affairs will be challenged, turned upside down and inside out, and we are wise to move through slowly to examine our own innards to see what is really going on there.  Sagittarius is the great Truth Seeker.  Let's not disappoint Him! With courage, dignity, and grace, we can refine and now redefine who and what we are, in our inner reality.  As Pluto next visits the sign of government, dads everywhere, the corporate culture, we can emerge much more sure of ourselves and our beliefs and principles by engaging with Fate now!

Pluto will engage with the sun and with Venus on the 9 th of January 2018 in a powerful embrace which is bound to change feelings, values, and core beliefs, bringing to the surface all that is rotten and obstructive to be lanced, cleansed, purified, and healed.  This may be a painful process but not likely violent, especially if we do not fight it, but go with the tides of heaven. 


There are currently no retrograde planets as we enter the new year!!!   All the cosmos is in forward motion till March!!

The planette which keeps watch on the home fires, Vesta, balances in Libra. 


Our spousal planette Juno rises through traditional Capricorn at the top of the zodiac. She is all about family now! life.  Juno is almost never happy when alone, or when committed.


Splashing in Pisces is the planette Chiron, our Wounded Healer, retrograde now to go back and fix what needs work on our inner emotional issues with real success when using color, theater, drama, or past life therapy. 


Pallas, the planettary BFF and sister in arms, jumps the hoop in Aries big time! She uses this as a launch pad for making new friends and annoying old ones.  


The planette Ceres, the cook of the solar system, resets everything at Home in Cancer, where she reconfigures, revitalizes, revisualizes, and revamps our kitchen, redecorates, and invites the whole neighborhood to her board.



This marks the 1 st complete lunation for this new year.

Jesus' Teachings on Money

One of the most corrosive quandries we face as American Christians today is that of the, and it's erroneous teachings about money and our attitude toward capitalism.  Jesus Himself was a capitalist.  

The witness of His Own Words provides us with the right attitude on material possessions and our righteous atttitude toward them.  Jesus taught us in story form, anecdotes, or infomercials, so that we might have an ear of understanding.  These stories have more than one level on which we can access His reasoning.  In these passages, Jesus didn't advocate usuery;  He praised a money lender for his work nonetheless.  If Jesus did not approve, He would not have liken our own best behavior to that of a good and faithful servant.

Luke 19:23 Why then didnít you put my money on deposit, so that when I came back, I could have collected it with interest?í

Matthew 15: 26 "His master replied, ĎYou wicked, lazy servant!!  27 Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.

For the Scripture says, "You must not muzzle an ox to keep it from eating as it treads out the grain." And in another place, "Those who work deserve their pay!" I Timothy 5:17-18.

3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." 



Even He, the Lord of Lords, was accompanied by a group of wealthy women who provided for Him materially. Luke 8: I-3;  JohnThe emergent church and it's communist overtones chooses to ignore these passages because these words do not suit their agenda, just like the Whore of the Many Waters, who only tells part of the story.


Many godly Bible characters were wealthy. 

Solomon was the wealthiest man in history; yet observe his conclusion of this matter. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14  

Job was the wealthiest man of his day (Job I: 3) yet when all his wealth was gone, observe his attitude. Job 1:20-22


We do not please God by being poor; our relationship with Him is the important part of life.  It is not measured by either abundance or absence of material goods. Nowhere in the Bible does God or Jesus specifically condemn anyone simply for having or not having money.  He always deals with their heart attitude.

Jesus Himself not only participated in festive occasions which included eating and drinking with others (Mt 9:10-11; Mk 2:15), there are times when He hosted parties.  Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana, he didnít chastise the family for having an expensive feast. Nor did he say, "Just drink water and save your money for the poor."  

He was even called a glutton, a drunkard and a friend of riff-raff (Mt 11:18-19; Lk 7:33- 36).   Jesus entered into joyful celebration with "sinners, taxcollectors, prostitutes and the rabble."

In the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus positively described a lavish feast (Lk 15:22-

The Gospels repeatedly record Jesus giving thanks for food (i.e., Mt 14:19; 27:26-27).  As the perfect Man, Jesus exemplified grateful enjoyment for Godís bountiful gifts.  He demonstrated that "the religion of gratitude cannot mislead us" (Wordsworth).  Genuine gratitude and enjoyment can coexist with a sacrificial, generous determination to relieve the suffering of others.  (The Apostle Paul echoes this theme in 1 Cor 10:30 and 1 Tim 6:17-18).  


The Bible does NOT say that money is the root of all evil, It says... "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil... " I Timothy 6:10.

One of our commandments is to refrain from envy and covetousness, to be content with what Gods provisions for us.  This includes talents, looks, aptitudes, and family background.   All we have been given is a blessing!!  We are not to be ashamed of Gods work or to gainsay His decisions. Psalm 49: 16-17; Exodus 20:17

We are to be content in whatever state we find ourselves, resting in  the LORD JESUS CHRIST Philippians 4:11 Interestingly, Paul wrote these words while in jail!

Let's consider the things which we know from experience money can not buy:

 Wisdom Proverbs 16:16
 A righteous life. Proverbs 28:6; Proverbs 16:8; Psalm 37:16
 A good night's sleep. Ecclesiastes 5:12 
Gods own word. Psalm 119:14, 72, 127
Good health. Luke 8:43
Peace and quiet Ecclesiastes 4:6; Proverbs 15:16; 17:1

Matthew 6: 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

1 Timothy 5:8New International Version (NIV)

8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.I Timothy 5:8.



In 3 John 1:2, John, His beloved disciples, says to us Christians, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." 


A message to the emergent church from Christ Jesus: Proverbs 11: 1, "A false balance is abomination to the Lord...".Luke 19 12 27

Our Money

     I did warn you that things are definitely looking up!!  I must remark upon the Black Swan event known as the Trump Bump, and take my hat off to a miracle!

     Jupiter, the Magnifier, the cosmic Santa Claus, is in the Markets fifth house of speculation (and children, fun, recreation, enjoyment of same) which makes all of our efforts pay threefold.  If we make wise investments, we can share!  If we make sorry decisions, we can lose big.  A word to the Wise!!!

     Saturn, the planet of NO!!! occupies the markets sixth house of everyday every day; our daily routine and the things that give our time structure, schedules; of employees, fellow employees, those who work or serve us in some way; health, hygiene, and the way we worry about things, and best of all, small animals and pets.  If we have any investment in these areas, let's take a long long long hard look at our rationale, and maybe consider a further diversification.  Saturn in Sagittarius pretty much curtails foreign investments, and we will indeed see much repatriation go on in the corporate world.

    Another of the major factors of which we must be carefully cognizant is Pluto in Sagittarius, in the sixth house of everyday every day, of employees, of open enemies.  Pluto brings out our zits and boils them to a head, which is necessary for cleanliness and health, and which really hurts and looks disgusting.  Sagittarius is the law and The Law, all thing foreign and foreign to us, and religion, and journeys.  I think you can see what the real root of the matter is here!  The election of Donald Trump, as well as the Brexit was ordained in the world, as are other Black Swan events, the lancing of long stagnant boils.

     Uranus, the wildcard of the zodiac, who goes KA-BOOM! when we least expect it, is sitting at the very top of the markets chart, the House of Glory.  In Aries, the electric blue orb will kick start our ambitions, our gumption and our extremes.  Well it sure has!

     Moving slowly in its folds of dream, Neptune in the eighth house of Aquarius is responsible for all the dire prognostications of the market crashing, burning, dying on the ice and never coming back.  

   Transiting Jupiter is in Libra, in the fifth house of fortunate speculation, children, recreation, and fun.  Let's channel our energies and patterns wisely!!  We are stewards, and this is such a profound blessing to have the Magnifier here!!

    Mercury is in Sagittarius in the fifth house of making money through speculation.  Let's forge ahead now, as all odds are in our favor!  We don't recommend Bitcoin!

    Mars is in Libra in the Markets fourth house of strong endings; let's act on this advice and dump what is not in our best interests now.

    Venus is in Capricorn, in the sixth house of what we do everyday, so pay attention to everything hidden, secret, or unremarked.

    The sun in Capricorn also in the sixth house of good health, good work, and good company!

The Future of A Christian Nation

Are we in fact a Christian nation, as denied by a US President?  What is our destiny?  Is New York City actually Babylon??  

      I prefer the Sibley birth chart for the United States, as opposed the more popular 2AM birth time;   the Sibley chart reflects best the history and changes faced by the US through its lifetime.  I also read in real time, thus am using sidereal astrology.  This is the chart.

     The chart reckoned by the tropical seasons is not so much different from the sidereal chart, only inasmuch as it is more detailed, and that detail is eerily accurate!  Both charts indicate our national good humor and optimism, as well as our obsession with sports, especially if that sport involves horses!  Sagittarius rising lets the world know that the USA is a natural cowboy, the icon that most often represents us at our best.  A  restless and freedom loving lot, we respect religion, education, and those who have traveled far in the world;  we won't tolerate being ordered around or talked down to! 

     The sidereal chart shows us to have a Scorpio eagle rising, again, highly accurate for us and for our spiritual reality.  The 20th degree of Scorpio fades into a Sagittarian first house, so there is little difference here, indeed, none to worry us! 

     With Pluto in the second house we know how to make do, make over, remake, and recycle;  we are hardy pioneers who flourish despite the odds.  With this placement we are a bit fixated on money, a little extravagant, and tend to make snap judgments, being quick minded and impatient.  The natural nobility and promise of our Aquarian soul as represented by the moon at 5 degrees of this sign shines our from the third house of The Populace, or We The People.  We desire freedom and liberty for all, whether or not they be our friends.

     We love science and mathematics, big loud machines and anything shiny and fast, says our Uranus in the sixth house of Taurus;  our versatility is proverbial, as is our eccentricity;  we as a nation have real concern for the rest of the globe.   Mars in Taurus lets everyone know we will defend what is ours.  The sun in Gemini imbues us with that duality so noted by foreigners, and keen observers of American culture;  we love what we love, and can put it away from us with an awful disassociation.  We have the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in a row in Gemini, in the seventh house of Others, proof that we as a nation have unexpected opportunity for exceptional service to others.  Mercury in Cancer shows our patriotism, love of mom and apple pie big enough to be shared by everyone in the neighborhood, just like in Norman Rockwell's art. 

     Even our national reach for the medicine cabinet is here at the top of the chart with Neptune in detriment in Virgo.  Strange dietary fads, our obsession with hygiene, and labor troubles emanate from here, as well as our spiritual faculties, for we are a spiritual people with visions and prophetic dreams.  

     Typically American, we have no planetary ruler;  we are a nation of Laws, and those Laws have limits.


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