Year of the Living Lord Christ 2022






In Steller, or Sidereal Reckoning,

     Those of us who enjoy the sunrise, the sunset, the starry skies, and yet still rush to the office on a bus, seem to be most in tune with the stellar heavens.      


    The sun dances through sidereal Gemini!!  By Gemini, or Jiminy Crickets!!!!  So soon to be July... 

The Big Dog announces sunrise today.  From this constellation shines Sirius, the star of Mary, and of the annual flooding of the Nile, and the new year.  

The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Big Dog, The Mighty, the Prince, and The Chief.  

Those people and relationships born under these stars are fearless, love to share, with a magnanimous spirit.  

The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 



  Those of us who enjoy the sunrise, the sunset, the starry skies, and yet still rush to the office on a bus, seem to be most in tune with the stellar heavens.  


      Funny how every world leader and influencer is over 70 years old now...almost like Saturn, the old man of the cosmos, old Iron Pants, the Lord of Time, who rules both Capricorn and Aquarius in spite of all our happy tunes, is keeping us under his thumb.  Good thing our King is older than time!!  We can beat Saturn at his own game with Christian meditation (versus trans-cendental) and good discipline, taught in every Christian academy!!  Yes we can, because Saturn always says no.


    The waning moon, creeping up behind the sun, roars into sidereal Aries.  Aries and Gemini will raise hell!!


   The waning moon grazes into sidereal Taurus at 6 18 AM Pacific time Saturday morning, the 15h.  


   The moon will renew itself on the 28th, Tuesday, at 7 52 PM Pacific time in sidreal Gemini.  Whoo hoo!! Coming and going and going and coming every whichaway!!  Prepare for all kinds of whackness!!



      Whats with all the pride stuff, and the trans, and gay flags and issues?  Remember that Ganymede the Cup Bearer was trans.  The garbled, corrupted narrative from the Greek features Ganymede as the young gay lover of Zeus in the sign of Aquarius.  Proof positive of our Age!!  As the sign is directly opposite that of Leo, the king, which nurtures children and fun, we understand the whole anti-child trend in our world culture now, too.  So sad!


    Mercury is direct in sidereal Taurus now through the 14th of July.  Mercury will now retrace his ideas about boundaries, food, money, banking, all straightened out.  We can wisely take power by putting in place all the boundaries, including financial, that we have had on the drawing board. 


    Interestingly, Neptune floats along in sidereal Pisces, retrograde on Tuesday the 28th just before the moon comes full in sidereal Gemini. Holy topsy turvy!! Neptune is considered the modern ruler of Pisces, but perhaps a more accurate description would be that he is more intensely felt in the sign of the imaginative, enchanting, dream in color, magical Fishes.  

    Mars sinks into the warm waters of dreamville.  Mighty Mars doesn't do well in water, and we may feel our energy ebb.  The wise way to play it is to rest, rehab ourselves.

    Venus, the golden girl of the cosmos, reaches home turf in Taurus!!  Thank God!!

    We feel the newly strengthened Aquarian energy as Saturn, its ruler, has arrived in sidereal Aquarius.  We hava felt even tighter controls put on ideas, on travel, especially air travel, and on Big Tech.  As the Lord of the Rings turns retrograde at 2 47 PM Pacific time Saturday the 4th, these restrictions ease but do not retire.  We will have to deal with the whole idea later, when it turns direct, on October 22, 2022.  


   Mercury will plow through sidereal Taurus till July 14th, when he dances into his own sidereal Gemini. We have so many conversations yet to have!!  This should be a great time for new friendships!

Confusing times!

     Jupiter, mighty king of the planets, has plopped into sidereal Pisces, the back and forth, forward and back sign of Which A Way That A Way.  He traditionally rules Pisces, heralding an explosion of art,music, drunk driving and generosity. 

     Meanwhile the planet of Many Colors, Neptune, lags behind in sidereal Aquarius till the 31st of May.  As he splashes into his modern sign, we will experience the most exquisite music, intense beauty, and a wave of drug abuse, a revival of the 60s as Mercury will be retrograde in sidereal Taurus.  Like we need the 60s back now.  


    I know that most of us recognize that karma per se, and its dread lords, have been vanquished and rendered null and void by the sacrifice and resurrection of the living Lord Jesus Christ.  He also stated this plainly when He told us that what we bind on earth, or loose on earth, is reaffirmed in Heaven.  So let's get with it, Star Travelers!!  We could end all of this nastiness today, if we pull together in His Name!  So what's the lead about??  Are you afraid that the non believers, who vastly outnumber us, are of greater power than He?

   If we wait till things change of their own accord, pay attention for a strong event in late May.

  I know you are wondering about the state of the world; we see now that it isn't just the USA being bombarded by Pluto in sidereal Capricorn, but every government on earth.  Pluto is a real pill, but remember, we have seen its heart!  We are seeing the truth of so many hearts now! 

    On the spring equinox the sun rose at 4 degrees of sidereal Pisces.  Remember, the cosmos moves backwards, the precession moving into Aquarius.  We feel both the pouring of Aquarius and the lashing of the Fishes tails or tales.  This should fully explain the wild ride we are having around the world.  This is the end of the era of the Enchanted Fishes, and their tails are thrashing violently as they go out!  We are feeling the pouring of Aquarian ideas as the emotions of Pisces are riling and railing.  A tough time!  Let's cut ourselves some slack!

   Our Age is swimming out the mouth of mystical, magickal Pisces the Enchanted Fishes, the sign of dreamers, artists, musicians, visionaries, addicts and rescuers, prisoners and preachers, Christians and the lost.  We can wisely indulge in swirling color, intense music, childlike artistic creations, rather than alcohol, or the drug of our choice.  We would most wisely not believe everything we hear and see; so much deception, delusion, depravity!! 

    Yes, Pisces is our own special sign, but we haven't really made the best of it, have we?  Have you noticed that the current state of disarray, meaning plague, a health care crisis, a dubiuos vaccine that has to be taken every year, four times a year, plagues, the prisons being emptied, the hospitals overrun, extremeists everywhere, coastal cities overrun by addicts, are all Pisces ruled?   

     And opposite Pisces, Virgo, the sign of service and the humanities, whose people (law enforcement, the military, health care workers) have become The Enemy, anathema, the canceled? 

    Enlightening is the fact that the two signs come together in the convergence of The Bands (of the Fishes) and The Mouth of the (Southern) Fish ( first decanate of Aquarius).  The stars of The Bands have several modern names, including The Lizard, but anciently they were seen to be the bridle which bound together two fish going in opposite directions.  The individual names for these stars include The Bridle, The Bands, Binding Who Comes. The Mouth of The Fish boasts the stars None Wasted But All Received.  We find the enlightenment in Matthew 17, where in verses 24 through 27, Jesus tells the fisherman to cast his line into a lake, take the first fish he catches, and find within its Mouth a coin to pay the temple tax, which He willingly pays so as not to cause offense.  Our society takes so much offense so easily and early!!  Yet the temple tax has been paid by the Mouth of the Fish.


    This explains the whole TRANS thing...even affecting kindergarteners.  We are in the transition of the Age.


The most liberating thing about Christian astrology is that it gives us hope rather than defines our fate.  In Christian Astrology the planets, stars, and celestials revert to their original place, fellow servants of God, our brethren.  They want to best for us and give us choices and guidelines to make the most of our lives.  There is choice in how we react, how we handle the energies, just like there is so much choice in how we react and respond to all other people in this creation.  All of us could optimize the outcome of the current global battle against evil by using our power as ambassadors of the King wisely.  

The Word from our Sponsor, Jesus the Christ




‘So says your boss, He who has the seven spirits of Yahweh and the seven stars:

'I know you inside and out, always have, and I love you even though you are the walking dead.

'Look around you!!  You don't even realize what has happened to you!!  You don't even see what has become of the bright, sharply sweet, incisive, and altruistic person I used to know.  You were really Something then!!

'Go back and think about who you were, who you really were inside, when we first met;  look at yourself now.  You just don't see anymore and your best gift has always been perception.  You were made to be the bellwether, the watchmen, the prophets and alarms.  

'Yet now you are overcome with surprise when you occasionally find Me in your midst.  You didn't see Me come in.

'There are still a few who have not slept for a week in their street clothes, or who are still in their pajamas at 3 in the afternoon.

'Those who keep watch and see it coming will be ready, dressed in colors to match their pure hearts, whose names will be written in the stars forever, whose names will be called out loud by Me for the whole of creation to hear.


'Say these things to ALL the churches.'  



I felt compelled to reprint the whole letter in its entirety for all Christians; He really means it.

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