You shouldn't be!!  We have yet to find one single person in the world who could not find salvation and rejoice in Jesus!

     Are you afraid of having backslid from a former glorious commitment?  So too are the Ephesians, whom Christ commands to repent and return to Him.  You too can return to Him!  We can help!

     Are you sure that, after the roisterous life you have led and the enormous crimes you have committed, you can never come to Jesus again?  He Himself says this is not so!  You can repent, you can be cleansed of the most awful savage sins.  We can help!

     Do you think you are past praying for, as the saying goes?  Do  you not read in Revelations that the prayers of the saints go before God with clouds of incense, from the hand of a mighty angel.  We know who that angel is, and we can help!

     Are  you afraid that you have committed 'the unpardonable sin'?  Well, take heart;  the time for such a commission is not yet!!  There is indeed still time, and we can help!   

     We note from history that the greatest of saints had a long history beforehand as being great sinners. 

     St. Augustine even prayed that God would keep him chaste- but not quiet before he was ready to give up debauchery! 

     We all know the right answer!

     And we can help!

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