This morning the sun sends Crater the Cup, or Holy Grail, before it.  The individual names for the stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Cup, The Poured Forth, and The Sent.  

Those people and relationships born under these stars are intellectual, moral, sympathetic, noble, and honorable.  

The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens.


The SkyDance of August and September

  The moon comes full in sidereal Aquarius (and seasonal Aquarius, at a karmic 29 degrees!) today, Sunday the 22nd.  The sun will enter seasonal Virgo that day at 2 35 PM Pacific time.  This means that the seasonal sun spends today at 29 karmic degrees of Leo, so that's a double opportunity to plant great seeds that have to do with kids, fun, family, togetherness, rejoicing, rebounding, connecting!!  If we are wise we will accept that gift of heaven into our soul garden, and act accordingly. 

    Mercury, our orb of communication, flounders in sidereal Virgo and so much nit picking goes into any reconciliation, if that is even possible. 

    The 1st of September is just around the corner on a Wednesday!!

   The new moon of September falls on Labor Day, the 6th of September, in sidereal Leo, seasonal Virgo.  This is the time to plant a new day for our souls as well as our nation!!

    Venus resides in Virgo, killing our love life!!  We find fault with everything we value and cherish, seeing nothing but the cracks and flaws.  A better use of Virgo scrutiny would be to apply it to the humanitarian and uplifting elements of the Celestial Gardener!!  The Golden Girl will balance into her autumnal home sing of Libra on the 7th of September, just as Jupiter backs into sidereal Capricorn as the Cornucopia.  What fruits will we receive???

    Mars stomping through Leo shows us exactly the predicament into which we find ourselves; a battle due to false words!!  Mars then falls into sidereal Virgo on the 8th of September and that nit picking takes on a life of its own!  We would more wisely put Martian energies to work plowing under our pride and false hopes, to sow a more Christian crop.

    The sun falls into the sign of the Celestial Gardener on the 18th, a Saturday.  The full moon of September is Pisces for both seasonal and sidereal; the heavens agree!!  That Wednesday sees the autumnal equinox, when the sun will enter seasonal Libra at 12 21 PM Pacific time.

    Mercury will retrograde on Sunday September 26th at 10 10 PM Pacific time.  Be ready for it, we have a month to prepare!


    See the seasonal and stellar pages for a full report, plus the letters to those signs from Christ the Lord.





    The sun, our daystar, assumes the glorious golds, oranges, tans, and russets of autumn, in Leo, the celestial prowler.  The ancient Egyptians thought so highly of the cat who guarded the grain, so necessary to life, that they made her a god, and decorated every wall of every structure with her image.  Cats have never forgotten this, and neither have we, if FaceBook is any proof of modern life.  

     The sign of the royal Cat boasts the summer Royal Star Regulus at its' heart, which signifies Treading Underfoot; and also the Judge Who Comes Quickly (Denebola), The Exaltation, The Shining Forth, The Joining, and The Enemy Put Down.  

     Judging by the names of some of the other stars in the sign, while in Leo we ourselves are most concerned about Rending Asunder that which is evil, or wasted;  Leaping Forth in defense of the weak and dumb;  honoring The Lord Who Comes Quickly;  and giving God The Exaltation.  It is now that the lavish pageants and parties take place, whose host is jovial, genial, and sunny! 

       Have you read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis? Seen the movie??  It's all about Christianity!!

      The head of the sphynx is that of a lion, with the full bosom of a blossoming virgin, the wings of an eagle, and the feet and tail of a bull.

      Leo is the seat of the chief royal fixed star, the healing Archangel Raphael, the watcher of the North, Regulus.  Regulus in some ancient views was regarded as having as much strength and importance as a planet in its' own right. 

     The Apostle Mark, as the first hagiographer of the Gospels, has his place here in Leo, along with the angel of Regulus appearing as a winged lion with a stylus and scroll.

     Leo is the heart of the zodiac, the golden sun, the rose of the garden, especially loved by Christ! 

     Sometimes this makes Leo a little too confident.

     Leos' geographic territories are the Bering sea, and the Northern and south Pacific seas, to New Zealand.  

     Extroverted, outgoing, cheerful, generous, and exceptionally creative, Leo is just as sensitive within.  Leo loves to entertain lavishly and invented the concept of inclusion.

     Know Leo by her sunny smile!  The Boss of the Zodiac, Leo is very organized, this extending even to our private lives, and we may find ourselves busy trying to sort ourselves out. Sometimes this is seen as a need for control, bossiness, or becoming full of ourselves.  However, while the sun is in sidereal Leo we tend to observe boundaries, as doing the right thing has become important.  We can help others anonymously, without taking credit for it.  We can expect to be much more neighborly, slightly extroverted, outgoing, cheerful, generous to a higher degree and exceptionally creative! 

       The golds, yellows, bronzes, oranges of autumn are all Leo shades.  These hues are those most attractive to those who love to learn, the naturally curious, the most intelligent.  Leo wants to know how everything works, why it is so, how long it has been since an improvement has been made! 

     The Leo nature is intellectual, all about the mind and it's power.   As such, they can deny their emotions, true feelings and inner thoughts.  Suppression can be a real monster!!   We can use the colors of introspective autumn to become more compassionate and understanding towards the self. Take time to purify the body, mind and spirit with a yellow soap or shower gel first thing, and try a slice of fresh lemon to your drinking water. Rosemary, lemon, frankincense can be used to help aid digestion and release all kinds of toxic waste. 

     Yellow music would be Tibetan Bells or Crystal Bowls.






The stars of Leo tell us a great deal about the character of this period. The Treading Underfoot (Regulus), the Judge Who Comes Quickly (Denebola), The Exaltaion, The Shining Forth, The Joining, and The Enemy Put Down!! 



The Entire Letter to Leo from Jesus the Christ

And to the angel Michael who guides the congregation of Leo, write:


'So says the first and the last, He who was dead and lives.

'I know that you work hard to solve your problems and that you give generously to local charity, caring for your poor.  I know you take an increasing load of flak from those who claim to be good Christians, models at the pinnacle of the church, but who are no more Christian than Satan himself.

'Just blow them off, and know that they can not really hurt you.  They intend to try their best, having you put in prison and your trial televised so the world can see it to your embarrassment.  Just stay with Me, and I promise you will live as the kings of earth forever in the New Eden.

'Let every discerning spirit hear what I say to the Churches:  All who remain faithful to Me will not suffer the real death of the soul!  


'Say these things to ALL the congregations and signs.'

     To Leo and all those ruled by the angel of the sun, Michael, which is the strongest point of heavenly energy in our reality.  It is our physical strength, vitality, and sense of identity.  

    When addressing Michael, the angel overseeing the city of Smyrna, and all the Leos and Leo-ruled, Jesus was pleased!  He noted that Leos quietly endure suffering and do their best to alleviate poverty in the midst of plenty.  Their steadfast faithfulness to Jesus, even when faced with jail, public persecution, and execution, has won for Leo the crown of eternal life!


   This is the most reassuring news in the world!  If you are Leo, or have major activity in that sign, Christ expects a great deal of fortitude and faith from you, as one of His own soldiers!

     The sun infuses life essence to all that we truly are, being the heart of the solar system and that of all that lives.  In His I AM sayings in the gospel of John, Jesus says, 'I AM the light of the world;  he who follows Me shall never walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life,'  John 8:12.   This saying perfectly cleanses and balances our heart chakra! 

     In this letter, Jesus is scathing in His references to a synagogue of Satan, which He personally intends to humiliate and destroy.  Those of the synagogue of Satan are described as those who pretend to be Jews, but who are not in fact Jews.  They are liars.  

     Leos are notorious for their truthfulness, and short fuse when faced with liars!


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