Would anyone in the world, in any world, equate Barney the beloved Purple Dinosaur with the great Red Dragon of Revelation?  No of course not!!  How ludicrous!  It even borders on blasphemy... we are warned not to add to the books or try to add to their meaning.  We are instead urged to invite the Presence of the Holy Spirit, The Comforter, when we indulge in the Word of God.

     So then why do we keep pursuing Holy Writ with the view in mind of making it produce sensation material from which we can spin books of absurd fiction?  

     Is this what Christ told us to do?  

     Is this what we even want to believe?  

     Why do we keep wondering, harping on and fearing that the United States is The Drunken Slut of the City of Babylon?  

     That we were founded by an unholy secret society which continues to control the world and wage war on Christianity, to this day worshipping Lucifer?  That the District of Columbia laid out according to a secret symbol or set of symbols that worship Satan?

   In case we have been sipping the toxic Kool Aid of conspiracy a la Tom Horn and Steven Qualye, let's take the advice of God our Father from the prophet Isaiah 18... 'come now, let us reason together...'

     The danger of these unbiblical teachings is that they directly attack the Genesis account and lay an antichrist foundation for whatís to soon come upon the earth. This group of  men, operating as they do from within, do much more harm to sound Bible teaching than two hundred atheists.

     These false teachers also engage in a circle of furiously scratching each othersí back as they constantly quote each other in an attempt to validate each othersí speculations.

     By fabricating an alternate eschatology contrary to the Bible, these teachers not only deceive, they prepare the way for further mass deception in the future.

     This is easily enough discerned as a glance at their materials reveal a lot of occult graphics while providing little discussion of such Christian basics as sin or salvation. Outside of using it as a frame to hang their lurid tales of nephilim, alien lifeforms and artificial intelligence, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ also gets short shrift.

     Again, these false teachings are laying the groundwork for the appearance of the end times apostate whore Church.  When the whore starts cleansing the earth of "evil" (thatís Bible-believing Christians), itís suspected that this noxious, gnostic stew of extra-Biblical teachings will help justify the actions of the whore Church in the minds of their  lukewarm pew-sitters.

     Of course, believers were warned of the appearance of Horn..."Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself" in 1 Timothy 6:5.



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