In the Image of God, Three in One!

     The center of your existence is God, whether you accept that or not.  All things begin in the Spirit, and proceed to earth and material reality in perfect accord with that image.

     The first portion of our horoscope for you is about your soul, centered entirely on your moon placement.  The moon shows the subtle, delicate, immortal part of you!  We use a different format of astrology also known as esoteric astrology to reacquaint you with yourself!


Your Birth Chart

     While we naturally are most interested in your spiritual direction, your physical health and strength, shown in the first house, is of great concern to us too.  Any celestial, angel, or Watcher activity here tells us a great deal more detail about your mission from heaven, whose assistance that mission may include, and what special gifts you bring to help others.  We consider the rising sign and its stars of primary importance, as did the Ancients who watched the skies. The rising sign shows us where you are going, both in your mortal waking life, and into eternity!!

     How you fulfill your obligations of stewardship, how you acquire the goods you need, any ownership issues, good fortune and bad, and the sacredness of the earth and its treasures are shown in the second house.  The stars which appear here give us further insight into how to acquire what you need in life to fulfill your heavens sent goals.  

     Not only your psychological make up and mental alertness show in the third house, but also your clarity and groundedness in the mind of God.  This is the spot from whence you preach your view of the Gospel!!  The stars and activity here grants you a golden tongue like Moses!  Or, also like Moses, makes you sputter before making an attempt at voicing your own views.  We can show you how to make the most of your gifts of relationships and communication!

     Your early life and training, pre existent conditions, your family base and relationship with parents, have made you the person you are today, and we strongly believe in the importance of family values.  Stars in the fourth house must be dealt with maturely and wisely to keep peace and continuity in the home. 

      Some Christians are open to the idea of threads from the past still entwining them, of which Jesus Himself spoke when He described John the Baptist as having been Elijah.  These possibilities are examined and explained fully, with an eye to making atonement and retribution, evening the score, wiping the slate clean.  Of course Jesus did this for us in regards to what we owe God the Eternal, YHVH;  He is open to us to make our own atonement to each other for wrongs we commit. 

     Your true heart shows in your fifth house.  It is an all important tell all!   As we too understand the human heart and the need for romance, we will shed light on those prior connections of the heart which didn't go well, and why you can't seem to put it all behind you, with understanding and grace.  We are able to guide you toward innocent recreations and pastimes which you will enjoy, be healthful and good for you, and strengthen you, while avoiding the snares of worldly desire.

     Your career choices are a top priority to us too and we strive to give you every tool to achieve them!!  You won't concentrate on heaven if you can't navigate earth successfully!!  If you are having trouble with minor failures and 'little white sins' these will show up like scarlet flags, and we can help you get over them.

     The question of marriage or remarriage, the concern over compatibility of the partner, likelihood of permanence of the marriage, and resolution in case of endings, are those which we openly discuss.   We can see your children and your grandchildren!

      We are most concerned about your soul, that you are at peace with yourself and right with God.  If you are having a hard time coming to terms with your spirituality, with your Creator, we are here to help!  Any battles with the fallen part of our nature, and with the fallen in the company of darkness, can be met with victory!!  All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God;  and all of us are capable of repairing that sad state!

     Your friends and associates show up in your horoscope, as they were foreseen before the beginning of the world as being assets to your journey, or sources of temptation.

     The manner of your death, and how you meet it, will be unfolded before you too.

      We fully incorporate all real planets, the four fixed stars, four major asteroids, sensitive Arabic parts, critical degrees, and lunar nodes, which most often are ignored or unknown today.  These important lights are applied when we have accurate information as to birth time; otherwise we apply them to sign only, not house, for a complete picture of you!!


Your Progress to Date!

     The ultimate pages of your chart calculate your progress, measured to date, to show you how well you have succeeded in all walks of life!  This is also called a progression chart, and is very important as a tool to validate your victories!

     We show you where you have given forgiveness and made progress;  where you have been forgiven, and for what you have made atonement and retribution.  If you are suffering, we show you from this measurement that this is a blessed gift from God, letting you know where you are not right or in step with His plan, and how you can get back on track!

     The progressed chart is one of the most cheering tools of Christian astrology! 

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