Christian Astrology restores Christ to His rightful place at the center of the cosmos.  He rules the cosmos and all that happens within it.  

     With the right relationship restored between God and ourselves, we take power over the rest of the cosmos as intended in Genesis, in the first place.  We are the bearers of His image, not that of the planets, moon or stars.  We are the ones to reflect His glory, with the rest of creation dependant upon us.

     The planets, once elevated in error to the status of rulers, are restored to their rightful position as servants of Gods word to us. In this manner, we understand that God wrote out His will in the heavens for us to read and to follow as by laws, or minor rules.  We understand how to go about our daily business and routine as God wrote if for us individually and collectively.  We celebrate our relationship with God and HIs creation! 

     Eventually, the planetary bodies act as sacramental orbs for our benefit, and that of all creation!  We can use them to glorify God and sing His praises forever.



     In Christian Astrology we observe the heavens and its movements, paying particular attention to the seven stars mentioned by God to Job, and to the Morning Star, who has identified Himself to us in the Revelation as the star of Jesus. 

     We observe these orbs as they are, where they are now;  we do not calculate their position according to the season, as does tropical astrology.  We see them for where they are, as the first astrologers did, in the garden of Eden.  This is commonly knows as sidereal astrology, brought forward to modern Western consciousness by the eminent astrologer Cyril Fagan.

     Due to precession, the time frame that the sun, or morning star, spends in each sign of the zodiac is different from that presented in tropical astrology.  Sidereal astrology is based on observation, and is accurate to the minute.  We aren't stating that sidereal astrology is the only true real science, but it is the one we have found to be most accurate, most verifiable, and most consistent, rather like Jesus Himself.  We use sidereal astrology for these reasons.


   The most sensitive among us have been able to perceive Christ in the etheric planes, first verified in 1914.  We also know that Scripture clearly states that every eye will see Him when He comes for the second time. 

    We also observe that we are currently in the Age of Aquarius, perhaps since 1776, perhaps since 1881, perhaps since 1914, perhaps beginning December 2012.  The important point is that we are in the Aquarian Age! 

     We begin your horoscope with your rising sign in the eastern quadrant, and then follow the sun, clockwise, to number the houses, differently than the world counts them.  We always put special emphasis on where Aquarius lies in your chart.  This shows us where you stand!

     In case you feel like we aren't fully into Aquarius, or have many Piscean hang ups, don't let it worry you!  The Watcher Star and Recording Angel of Aquarius is within the first decanate of Aquarius,Pisces Australis, touching the border of Pisces.  Pisces Australis is the Southern Fish, who drinks the waters of the flood!


      In our work we use the angels of God, who are the messengers as wandering stars (planets); the Watcher Stars or fixed stars, the Hammered Bracelet or the asteroids, and all applicable Arabic Parts, in addition to the Part of Fortune and Lunar nodes familiar to most.  All of these can be found in the Scriptures as acceptable tools.    We use three charts to compose and organize your information.

     The state of your soul is all important to us!!  We cast your chart following the clockwise house method, with the moon, your soul, as the most important point, to show us your inner, spiritual life, and the secrets that your soul keeps hidden deep within.  This chart futher tells us what you came to accomplish here on the earth plane, and what atonements or reparations you may need to make during your stay.

     Secondly we cast a natal chart, such as you find elsewhere on the internet, by hand, and interpret the chart for you in detail.  We do not use computer generated charts, or reports.  Your unique path is always paramount to us!

     Lastly, we measure your progress in this earthly life, in your spiritual life, and in relation to others.  This is known as a progressed chart.

     It's getting three charts in one! 

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