Seasonal Aquarius

The daily lights, calculated from real time at sunrise on the Pacific coast of the USA for Tuesday 1 February 2022


Happy Birthday Aquarius!


Large and small, birds, play an important part of our early spring observances as in our national life.  Though not exactly heralds of romance, eagles are known to mate for life, as are swans and cardinals.  Birds are symbols of activity in the Aquarian heavens, and that portion of our lives which may fall within that domain.  Pay attention, Star Travelers!  

The names of the sign itself include Their Blessing Ensured, Living Waters of Blessing Poured Forth for the Redeemed, the Place of Him Coming Down, Water Urn, record of the Pouring Forth, who Goes and Returns, The Pourer Out, Urn.


In this morningís sunrise we can see the stars of The Winged Horse, Pegasus.  Beloved Pegasus kicked open a spring of clear clean water, said to be the source of all poetic inspiration.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of He Who Goes and Returns;  Who Carries;  and A Flock of Lambs with Kids.  

Those people and relationships born under stars are connected with commercial and literary affairs, guiding stars in every sense, and have excellent powers of concentration.  

The wise and prudent  will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


The sun will bob along in seasonal Aquarius.


Mercury is retrograde in seasonal Aquarius, as Venus is straightened out in seasonal Capricorn.  The government and its reputation...well, you get it.  We will keep getting till weird vibes till the 3rd of February when Mercury sobers up.  Mercury will leave its storm on February 9th.  


The waxing moon bobs along in seasonal Aquarius.  

The waxing moon splashes into seasonal Pisces at 3 AM Pacific time Wednesday, Groundhogs Day!!


As Venus is direct in seasonal Capricorn, we prepare to implement all our own values in the institution of governance.  Remember, she engaged with Pluto on the 11th of December when we witnessed the American govenment in tatters, about to collapse.  She reengaged with Pluto on Christmas Day, and will do so for the last time on the 3rd of March 2022. We may wisely prepare ourselves now!!


Let's remember that the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius, or 30 degrees Capricorn, of December 21st, 2020, the winter solstice, occurred right over the national Pluto in the 2nd house of finance, land, real estate, acquired possessions, riches, personal worth, material progress.  Say what you will, think what you like, but Saturn is the ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, and don't we feel it now???


In early April Jupiter and Neptune will bump in seasonal Pisces, bringing charming glow to our feelings, and harsh blows to our reality.  Be awake and aware!!


Pluto return of the USA begins March 2023, so we have a year to prepare.  


Those of us who are deeply connected to the earth, who love the smell of rain on the leaves and rejoice in the sunlight, will feel the changes of the seasons personally.  These are the people who can wisely rely on seasonal astrology!!

February Skydance

    Mercury bobs along in seasonal Aquarius retrograde.  In seasonal Aquarius, Mercury brings ideas from the future!!!  He spins backwards till February 3rd. Plan ahead!!


     Venus in seasonal Capricorn values antiques, older ways and views, the tried and true.  As she progresses forward through the sign of the Climber, we will see massive changes in our social circle and in our use of social media.  Haven't we?  Be alert, awake and aware.



    Mars shot through seasonal Sagittarius puts some kick into our kick***.



    Jupiter the king sized planet rocks on into Pisces and emotions swell, as does art and drama.  Holy cow!!


    Saturn rules Aquarius, donít forget, so this explains the current darkness in ideas and impulses.  As his transit through seasonal Aquarius doesnít hold the fort for the current administration, we can expect some serious changes in this area in March of 2023, not so far away!


    Uranus in Taurus disrupts the boundaries of nations.  Well no kidding!  I so hope we are still alive to see his further changes in April 2026, when he dances into Gemini.


    Neptune rules Pisces along with Jupiter, which is just behind in Aquarius.  We can expect ups and downs until he roars into Aries in late January 2026.


    Pluto in Capricorn disrupts all governments.  I donít know how to take that one, do you????


     Aquarius pours over the heavens!! .

    The sign of the water bearer is mentioned in Scripture twice, once by Jesus Himself.

     In Luke, Jesus sent Peter and John to the city to find a place for the Last Supper.  Scholars and historians alike have long wondered about the identity of the man who carried the water jug in Jerusalem, found in Luke 22 and Mark 14.  Jesus specifically mentioned this man to His disciples as the one to be followed to the house he would enter.  The man led them to a house with an upper room, where they gathered and prepared the Passover feast and the Last supper.  It was in this same upper room where they gathered to receive the outpouring of the Comforter in the form of tongues of fire. 

     We are wise to put this in the context of preparation for endings, for the end, for a time of sacrifice, which few associate with Aquarius.


     The Water Bearer appears again in the Garden of Gethsemane, wearing a linen shroud, following after the man about to be arrested and crucified.  He is a fascinating and underreported figure here, as no one can put him in any context that is explicable outside that of being an outsider.


     The gender and identity of the Water Bearer is multi-layered, as we see from the current rage for questioning these and the concepts behind them.  


       There is a third mention of someone carrying a jar, this time of alabaster, refers to A Woman.  In Matthew 26 we read:  Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, there came to him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, to what purpose is this waste? for this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. 10 When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me.11 For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.12For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.13 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.


     It may have been Mary called Magdalene who performed the burial service for Jesus; it was definitely an Aquarian who in both cases knows Jesus instinctively, intuitively, and prepares a place for Him!

     The fixed Watcher star of Aquarius, Fomalhout, is known as the archangel Gabriel, the angel of Alchemy.  The human figure with wings and a pen, scribing what he witnesses, is the apostle Matthew, also an Aquarian, and the model for the modern Christian.

     The territory of Aquarius includes the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Ireland, Iceland, England and Western Europe and Western Africa.  The letter of Christ to the angel of Aquarius can be gleaned for deep insight!


     The next time you see clouds, think of them as water bearers!!




     Called the Big Brother, this optimistic, honest, and independant knight is inventive, enthusiastic, and original in all his pursuits and endeavors.  His charm can be felt over his abruptness.  



     Aquarius is violet or electric blue!  The spiritual light of Aquarius is sublte violet, that same shade found at the top of the skull, as a crown of glowing violet soul light. 

     Violet energy rays, like Aquarius, act as a uniter, harnessing people and events for altriustic and universally benefical purpose.    


     Under the violet light of Aquarius, we are able to accept our connection, and to realize the hard and unbending truth that what we do to one another, we do to ourselves.  In rending another person we expose what we are within.  


     By intentionally spiritualising our own minds and daily lives, we can begin to use the creative and inventive violet energy rays to promote healing and continuity. We can consciously bring to the fore undiscovered truths. We can unite people to further humanitarian and environmental causes. We can demonstrate the oneness of the whole and wholeness in the one.



    Violet is a serene, calm and vibran color long known to be spiritually activating and awakening.  It was anciently used to aid insomnia, headaches and eczema.  

     The flowers which bloom now have strong anti-bacterial properties, ideal for skin rashes or burns. 



    Add Lavender and jasmine oils for a seasonally Aquarian scent.

    Foods include valerian and vervain for extra rest; eggplant, plums, kale, broccoli and purple grapes. 


    Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals vibrabrate higher frequencies, opening us to the eternal, the heavenlies, our own higher selves.

The Complete Letter to Aquarius from the Lord Christ

'And to the angel Cassiel who guides the congregation of Aquarius, write:  

'so says the Gate Keeper,the Guardian of the Universe, the Doorway to the past present and future.

'I know you have the heart of a giant, but the size of a mouse.  I have opened a door just for you that no one can shut, because you love Me!

'All those who have lied about themselves, telling you how strong they are, how big and mighty and important they are, how much better they are than anyone else, will be at your feet.  I will keep them there, because I love you.

'And because I love you, and because you really really love Me, I will keep all the horror that is in the earth from falling on you.

'I am already here, so hold on tight, and let no one knock your amethyst crown!

'And the ones who are there waiting for Me I will turn into pillars in living temple of Yahweh, never to be left out of anything important again.  He will be called by My own name and be a recognized citizen of New Jerusalem, in the New Eden, in the Restored Earth.


'Say this to ALL the churches.'



     To Aquarius under Cassiel, also called Saturn,  and those who live in Philadelphia,  Jesus has found no fault;  not in these people, this angel, or this dwelling place;   He has nothing but the promise of His Name to offer!  He notes that we have kept His commandments, endured patiently, and have the deeds to prove it.  He promises to keep us from tribulation.

     Jesus says, 'I AM the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser,'  in John 15:1.

     How gloriously grand!





 The most liberating thing about Christian astrology is that it gives us hope rather than defines our fate.  In Christian Astrology the planets, stars, and celestials revert to their original place, fellow servants of God, our brethren.  They want to best for us and give us choices and guidelines to make the most of our lives.  There is choice in how we react, how we handle the energies, just like there is so much choice in how we react and respond to all other people in this creation.  All of us could optimize the outcome of the current global battle against evil by using our power as ambassadors of the King wisely.  


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