Christian Astrology restores Christ to His rightful place at the center of the cosmos.  He rules the cosmos and all that happens within it.  The most significant aspect of Christian astrology is to remind good Christians of this- that the right relationship has been restored to earth, to creation, to us, between us and our Creator through the blood of Jesus.

     With the right relationship restored between God and ourselves, we take power over the rest of the cosmos as intended in Genesis, in the first place.  We are the bearers of His image, not that of the planets, moon or stars.  We are the ones to reflect His glory, with the rest of creation dependant upon us.

     The planets, once elevated in error to the status of rulers, are restored to their rightful position as servants of Gods word to us. In this manner, we understand that God wrote out His will in the heavens for us to read and to follow as by laws, or minor rules.  We understand how to go about our daily business and routine as God wrote if for us individually and collectively.  We celebrate our relationship with God and HIs creation! 

     The planets are frequently referred to as angels, or as having ruling angels, or being inhabited by choirs of angels, in Holy Writ.  As they dance across the starry heavens, they illustrate in glorious light and jewel-like color the will of God as He deigns it to become.

     Let us read this with humble hearts, and hopeful eyes!!!

    The Book of Revelation, in common with the Gospels of Mark and of Matthew, take us on a trip round the zodiac par excellance.  We don't say that Jesus Himself was anything other than the creator of the heavens;  His biographers however were obviously astrologers.

     In the letters which He dictated in the first books of the Revelation, we read how Jesus takes an active and intense interest in each one of us, to this day.  He personally dictated individual letters to each of the seven planets in this solar system, addressing them to the angels of those planets, who rule the congregations or signs of the zodiac.  Each human being falls under the guidance of a sign of the zodiac, or congregation, and an angel, or planet.

     Jesus made it plain by His introductory description of Himself in unique terms that it is He Himself speaking and no other.  He wanted us to understand exactly Who is speaking to us!
     Jesus wrote these letters to the seven angels of the planets in order to clearly cite situations which are on His mind.  He also wanted to praise traits and practices He appreciated, to encourage and foster the best of the church.  

     Like every intimate friend and brother, He demonstrated intimate knowledge of each particular church, or sign.  

     He also spoke crisply and candidly about that which He did not approve or condone, and which He would hold against them.  

     What Jesus wrote to us is of vital importance;  it must be admitted that the language of the Book is a bit stilted and dated, hard to digest.

     We also must remember that in these letters, Jesus is not a CEO firing off a memo to a subordinate;  or a general lining up marching orders.  He is a close personal friend of our world, the savior of our destiny, the lover of our soul.  We need to keep the Revelation in this context!

     Here is another presentation of what Jesus says to us, today, through our planetary angels...



     "And He had in His right hand seven crystals, representing seven stars,  and a mind like a sharp spear with a vocabulary to match.  He is the Sun showing it's power.

     And He laid His right hand on me, saying, 'Don't be afraid, for even though I AM mighty and strange to you, yet you find Me in all the worlds stories.  I AM the first and the last.  I AM deathless.  I AM alive forever and ever.  I have the keys of death and of nonexistence.

     'Therefore, write down all that you see and hear, things that are happening now and that are and are going to happen,  in the language of mystery, about the seven stars which you saw in My right hand and the seven lampstands.  

     'The seven stars are seven angels of the seven churches and the seven lampstands of gold that you saw are the seven churches.'





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