In the Revelation of John of Patmos, we get our most insightful clue into our feeling of lack.  Chapter 17 describes a phenomena of perilous depravity and disgust.  John tells us that he witness a vision of a drunken slut sitting by the shore of many waters.  She had done every king of the earth, and had then proceeded to tweet, text, snapchat, and email her exploits via the Net to everyone who lived on earth.  A paragraph or two later, we are told that her water lines were peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.  

    In other words, the current media.  Just look at the lead stories on MSN, or Yahoo.  The Drunken Slut of the City pollutes us, the Waters, dirties our minds and souls with her sensational filth. 

    We all have access to the Book every where every day today.  We can sign in on the Net to, a site that we really recommend!!  We each of us have at least one Book in our homes, usually on the night stand beside the bed, with the good one, the family Bible, on the china hutch or dining room table.  We can get the Book on our cell phone and ipad and every other device, as the Gospel is now available to the whole world via the Net.  

      Why do we want to read Tom Horns gospel?  Or his interpretation of the Scriptures?   Why do we feel the need to read such fiction?  Are we searching for a more exciting teaching?  Maybe one that could include us in some way in some mighty work of destiny?  We can read Pauls letter to the Romans for a perfect outline and plan.  Paul considered himself a secondary apostle, though some people are a little skeptical of him;  he certainly loved Jesus Christ wholeheartedly and worked like a slave for him, so maybe we can accept his effort as genuine.  The Epistle to the Romans is a great deal more enlightening and instructive than anything else in print for us! 

   There are those of us who doubt ourselves, who feel that we have don't have the right education, the brain power, the knowledge to understand the Gospel given to us.  Interestingly, Paul wrote to we timid souls in particular to address this in his first letter to the Colossians.  'Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ at Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father.'  We may doubt ourselves, but Paul sure has faith in us and calls us saints.  We note that Paul himself never makes us wild tales to illustrate his point, or to make a better story, another point in his favor.

     There are also those among us who have given our gift of inspiration by the Holy Spirit away to someone whom we think might know more, understand or know better, or be closer in touch with God than are we.  This is the reason we don't just pick up our own Book and read Hebrews;  because we don't read Hebrew in the original.   Good News!!!  We don't have the original Gospels!! The earliest copies of the Gospels which we have are dated from the 1st century A.D. and written in Greek.  Jesus most likely spoke Aramaic, the colloquial language of His place and day. He authorized translations of His words and works through His disciples and through Paul, coming down to us to translate and interpret through our invoking the Holy Spirit in His Name.

     It seems in the end that what we may lack is a sense of motivation or direction.  If we read the words of Mark, whose gospel even the skeptics agree is the most accurate rendering, we hear Jesus say to us, 'Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

     We'll get motivated all right!!  Holy sh*t on a shingle, people!!  Other peoples' happiness depends on us.  We are all ambassadors of heaven, living members of the Body of Christ in and of ourselves.  We recognize no other savior, we need no other gospel, we have use of no other story, we have no other authority than Jesus our beloved Lord.  Of course we all fail Him, but we try harder every day, and every day we come a little closer to Him. He draws us to Him.  He is pure and beautiful and holy, and this is how He makes us over in His image, sharing His nature with us as we shared our own nature with Him. 

    Let us go and preach this gospel of good news to Tom Horn, who is sorely in need of it!


   A soothing article which we are sure is inspired by our Comforter can be read at:








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