The Mystery of the Drunken Slut of the City, the Scarlet Whore of Babylon, has been laid out so plainly that it's hard to understand how a modern Christian could be misled and misleading to others.  We really believed the whole question had been settled long ago!  

     The Drunken Slut is not the same persona as she who sits and pollutes many waters.  We know that scene is a reference to the media, which can enthrall the whole earthly populace by fictitious and fantastical pics, texts, tweets and Net head lines.  So many Christian writers, whose works can be found even on, fall into this sad category.  Fortunately we know that nothing can be gained from indulging in polluted waters.  

     The Drunken Slut of the City sits in the wilderness, dressed in the colors of royalty and bejeweled, dominating a scarlet blasphemous beast as fantastical as is she.  She is schnockered from drinking the blood of saints, of those who give testimony of Jesus.  Does this sound like an apostate church?  Does the church ever consider itself royalty?  Has Christianity ever been treated like royalty by the governing elite?  We don't think so!  Does America have a royal blood line or gentry?  Nope, not in our wilderness.

     This Drunken Slut is an altogether different entity, whom the angel does name as a city, one exercising power and authority, a force with whom we have yet to reckon.  The beast upon which she sits, where she horns herself up, is itself is a governing conglomerate, a multi-leveled central power which has authority over nations, lent by those nations leaders.  

     The Beast will turn and destroy the Drunken Slut; in one day she will fall.

     Rome did not fall in a day, nor has the Church Catholic, it has taken generations.

     Dare we suggest that city might be Davos?  A financial center of the ruling global elite, who seem to fit the description of the Drunken Slut rather well.

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