Seasonal Scorpio

The Scorpion actually manifests in three distinct forms; the Serpent, the Scorpion, and The Eagle.  

I didn't have an eagle so I used the Wise Old Owl.


The main stars of the constellation are The Wounding, The Heart of A Scorpion, Perverse, The Enemy Ruled, Bowed Down, Caused to Fail.  


The first ten days of Scorpio see Serpens the Serpent rising the morning sun.  These stars and those of the Serpent Bearer are related to healing, medicine, and the restoration of the earth.  The individual names for the stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Encompassing, the Accursed, and The Serpent Enfolding.

Those people and relationships born under these stars are dominant, positive, determined to have their way in all matters, and would be wise to practice restraint and patience.



Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer rises before the morning sun on the second ten days of Scorpio.  These stars and those of the Serpens are related to healing, medicine, and the restoration ofthe earth.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Healer, The Physician, The One Who Brings Cure, and Universal Remedy.

Those people and relationships born under these stars have dualistic tendencies and are very changeable and unpredictable. 


The stars of Hercules, the Hero Kneeling, help the sun rise during the last ten days of Scorpio.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The One Who Comes; The King;  The Wounded; and Who Bruises.

Those people and relationships born under these stars are highly emotional, imaginative, changeable, and proud of nature.


The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 

October Skydance

     The sun delves into Scorpio on the 23rd of October at 9 51 PM Pacific time.


     Mercury, our orb of communication, is finally straightened out in and balanced in Libra.  He will storm around till the 22nd, then all may move ahead.


    Venus shoots through Sagittarius, and we are careful about the signals we send.  We don't want to participate in anything unworthy. 


    Mars in Libra lends his own muted energy to all social events and undertakings.  If you want to know whats up with the vaccination cards, here you go!! 


    Jupiter sails through seasonal Aquarius, full of new ideas and concepts.

    The king rocks on into Pisces in December of this year, and emotions swell, as does art and drama.  Holy cow!!


    Saturn rules Aquarius, donít forget, so this explains the current darkness in ideas and impulses.  As his transit through seasonal Aquarius doesnít hold the fort for the current administration, we can expect some serious changes in this area in March of 2023, not so far away!


    Uranus in Taurus disrupts the boundaries of nations.  Well no kidding!  I so hope we are still alive to see his further changes in April 2026, when he dances into Gemini.


    Neptune rules Pisces along with Jupiter, which is just behind in Aquarius.  We can expect ups and downs until he roars into Aries in late January 2026.


    Pluto in Capricorn disrupts all governments.  I donít know how to take that one, do you????


    See the seasonal and stellar pages for a full report, plus the letters to those signs from Christ the Lord.


     Scorpio spans the distance in the heavens.

      The Apostle John, the beloved, whose name literally means 'The Dove' waits here in Scorpio, witnessing all our deeds, thoughts, and acts into the Book of Life of the Lamb.  With him is the Watcher star Antares, at the heart of the Scorpion, just as John himself lies upon the heart of Jesus!  Oriel the Archangel of Antares is the spirit of the west.

     One ancient wise teacher advises that the soul of every Scorpio is a battlefield.  The intense desires within each Scorpio, be it moon, sun, rising, or inner planet, battle to the finish. 

     Here is wisdom;  Scorpio is an eagle, as God is good!

     This sign has associations with Judas, whose kiss betrayed Jesus, and so started the journey of our salvation and redemption.  This explains how the lowly serpent is raised to the height and status of the divine eagle through salvation! 

     The angels of Mars and of Pluto are close to this sign, as are the lands in Central Canada, central America, Mexico, the Yucatan, and Honduras.  The letters from Christ to the angels of these lands still obtain.


     During this season, we too descend to a deep understanding of sin, repentance, and redemption, bringing sympathy, empathy, and wisdom to all our endeavors.


     Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Scorpio is most concerned about The Wounding, and how Him Who Cometh will resolve The Conflict.

     Also called The Intense, Scorpio is energetic, intelligent, jealous, possessive, hardworking, obsessive and frequently secretive.  Usually, he is physically attractive, spiritually determined, ever romantic and seldom talkative.  This is the most often called selfish, or self-centered, which is occasionally true-at times.

     He absolutely must be in long, passionate, and dramatic relationships!  Those who know assure us they are great kissers!!  He must practice forgiveness, as he tends to holds grudges.






Scorpio energy is connected to the Thymus Chakra. This center is about expressing one's heartfelt thoughts, speaking one's truth.  On an emotional level can be frightening, as we are going to hurt and be hurt.  If the Scorpion feels confronted with challenges, they have the tendency to repress themselves. This energy creates opportunities for change.

The turquoise color is the energy that uplifts the energies of our lower chakras into the higher centers, allowing movement of optimum energy flow.


Turquoise energy helps express emotions with conviction, without trying to please others. Use turquoise to help build up our immune system and remove toxic waste in the body. It is known to decrease congestion.

The essential oils reflecting the turquoise color include Tea Tree, Thyme and Clary Sage. Any plants from the ocean, such as seaweed, kelp or algae belong to this energy vibration. Wear turquoise gemstones, including aquamarine and tourmaline, which empower your Thymus Chakra!



The Complete Letter to Scorpio from the Lord Christ

ĎTo Kamael that guides the congregation of Scorpio, write:

ĎSo says your boss, He who has the seven spirits of Yahweh and the seven stars:

'I know you inside and out, always have, and I love you even though you are the walking dead.

'Look around you!!  You don't even realize what has happened to you!!  You don't even see what has become of the bright, sharply sweet, incisive and altruistic person I used to know.  You were really Something then!!

'Go back and think about who you were, who you really were inside, when we first met;  look at yourself now.  You just don't see anymore and your best gift has always been perception.  You were made to be the bellwether, the watchmen, the prophets and alarms.  

'Yet now you are overcome with surprise when you occasionally find Me in your midst.  You didn't see Me come in.

'There are still a few who have not slept for a week in their street clothes, or who are still in their pajamas at 3 in the afternoon.

'Those who keep watch and see it coming will be ready, dressed in colors to match their pure hearts, whose names will be written in the stars forever, whose names will be called out loud by Me for the whole of creation to hear.


'Say these things to ALL the churches.'  






     Jesus Christ wrote this letter to the angel Camael, known as Mars, who presides over the congregation of Scorpio, exemplified by the church in the city of Sardis.

     The news is not good, and hardly shocking;  this church is spiritually dead.  A scant few, a remnant, have remained faithful, in an ambiance that glorifies violence, gore, and indignity.  The rare good deeds which are done are not complete in the sight of God;  this should sound a warning to us that is very real!  Unless we awaken from our worldly obsessions, we are warned that we will miss the signs of His coming, and He will come upon us like a thief in the night!

     We will walk with Jesus and be acknowledged as belonging to Him when we turn to Him, He promises.  He reminds us that Jesus Himself is the Good Shepherd, confessed by His own lips: 'I AM the Good Shepherd; the Good Shepherd lays down His life for His sheep.' John 10:11.

     Good news to all!


 The most liberating thing about Christian astrology is that it gives us hope rather than defines our fate.  In Christian Astrology the planets, stars, and celestials revert to their original place, fellow servants of God, our brethren.  They want to best for us and give us choices and guidelines to make the most of our lives.  There is choice in how we react, how we handle the energies, just like there is so much choice in how we react and respond to all other people in this creation.  All of us could optimize the outcome of the current global battle against evil by using our power as ambassadors of the King wisely.  


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