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What do you want to know?

     Do you want to know everything about your life, soul, and destiny, in detail, from your birth chart?  We can provide detailed analysis calculated in sidereal manner, in real time, and explain it to you in understandable terms.  Choose here, Christian Astrology Chart Package, 300$ US, for esoteric lunar, natal geocentric, and progressed chart package, three charts in one!

     Do you want to know what will happen over the next month?  Or the next three months?  The next year?  This information is calculated by juxtaposing your birth chart under the track of the heavens over the chosen period of time.  Choose how long a time frame you want to investigate.   60$US

     Perhaps you want to dwell on and evaluate a particular event, or time in your life, in depth?  You may have witnessed an apparition, or seen a ghost, or have dreamed of your true love, trying to tell you something?  We can analyze and give you great insight!  60$US.

If you have a specific question...

     like, 'should I launch my new business?'  or 'is my partner trustworthy?' or 'will my child graduate from school?' or 'is this person The One?'  we can compose an horary chart with decisive results.  30$

A more concise and quicker nativity chart might be the thing to start with!

     A basic chart of nativity, with the information common to most secular horoscopes while pointing out and stressing your Christian ideals, is available.  We don't think it's the best idea, because we have a lot more to offer, but it's available for your life walk.  The same accuracy and attention!  90$

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