Our Most Significant Spiritual Work

     Dion Fortune, who during the second world war took part in the magical Battle of Britain, recorded her participation in a book by the same name published in 1993.  It has since gone out of print and the copies are fetching enormous prices;  so I am going to paraphrase a bit here, to outline a process similar to that which saved the world from fascism, Hitler, and terrible spiritual evil in the 30s.

     She organized those member of her Society of Light and sent letters to everyone involved once a week, as a connecting psychic link.  A good idea;  but the idea of a national angel may I think work much better in these days of instant technology.    

    Our nations most recognizable icons are the cowboy, Uncle Sam, and the american eagle.  This translates to the archangel Michael, Mary the mother of Jesus as the Immaculate Conception, and Saint John of Patmos as the phoenix of Scorpio. 

     In sacred understanding, the eagle is in fact a risen phoenix, that febulous bird which never dies, but arises from its own ashes.  You can see this on the US dollar bill, another recognizable and popular American icon;  the phoenix is rising from the flames with the 13 arrows and the olive branch in its talons. 

      IMHO, this is our national egregor (see complete explaination below) and may be used as a focal point.

     Dion instructed every recipient to set aside 15 minutes on a particular, agreed-upon day, for focusing.  She told them to sit comfortably with their feet on the floor and their hands clasped to form a complete circuit, to accomplish their meditations. 

     (This is akin to kneeling, making the sign of the Cross, and putting ones hands together in prayer, which I find is much more composing, forceful, and safe.)

     She recommends sitting facing the Capitol, which in our case is Washington D.C., or the White House.  She instructed the participants to review the egregor immediately before the meditation starts, not too long beforehand, for maximum concentration.  Her method is to relax, pay attention to your breathing, then focus on the egregor.  Don't force a picture, but focus and let it form.  Don't try to think of practical methods of application;  stay in the spiritual dimension.  See the angelic form in your minds eye and slow your mind down until you feel rather than reason;  listen to the angel of the Lord. 

     When you are firmly fixed, dedicate yoursel in the name of the Good to the service of the One Lord of Lord and King of Kings.  Let the Good come through unimpeded.  Relay on the Cosmic Forces of the angels to do the work.

     See yourself as part of the One Body of Christ, part of the angelic host, which is part of the fabric of the sky, which is the Universe.  Invoke the name of God, and open yourself as a channel for the Light of the Cross.  See the angel again in your mind.

     At the end of 15 minutes, pull yourself up and out and pronounce, 'it it done', or a suitable similar sentence.  Ground yourself firmly, and close your psychic circuits down.  This is as important as opening them up;  if you don't ground, you will go around like a space cadet all day, and the work that your hands could have done will flial in the ethers.

     If we, as persons of power, will set aside 15 minutes every Friday (Friday is the day of Venus, Netzach, or Victory) from 10 till 1015AM which is when most people have their first coffee break, we could make a profound change in the spiritual environment.

     We all know and recognize that our nation faces unique challenges now, and in the days ahead.  If you have read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, you are pretty savy as to the source of the trouble, and what it is capable of doing.

     A long standing member of the Medicine Otters has suggested that we offer prayer, meditation, energy, Reiki, song, poem, light, and healing for our nation, its peoples, and all she stands for as the most important part of our spiritual work at this time.

      I think this is right;  America has given us, and the rest of the world, so much, and now she is in real trouble.  We can rise and go to her aid.












Say Daily

I renounce Satan as a fraud.  


I reject his empty promise.

I renounce all of his works.  


I believe in God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.


I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord of Creation.


I accept the Holy Spirit and His direction in all that I do. 



Rulers of the Midst,  attend me.  You thieves of the rightful Realms of Perfection, I renounce you and all your works, deeds and images.  Take to yourselves your destiny!  I come not to your regions from this moment forever.  I am become a stranger unto you forever, being in the region of my inheritance, the kingdom of God on earth.  Rulers of the Midst, hear me;  I renounce you and your servants and commend my whole self to the Realms of Truth, now and forever!!  Amen!

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