The Word from our Sponsor, Jesus, the Christ.






     "However, so that we do not offend them, go to the sea and throw in a hook, and take the first fish that comes up; and when you open its mouth, you will find a shekel. Take it and give it to them [to pay the temple tax] for you and Me."

                                                                 Matthew 17:27



     Our daystar the sun flashes and splashes in our own special sign of Pisces, the enchanted Fishes, the Magickal swirl!! Sidereal Pisces lasts from March 15th till the 15th of April this year.

    Our sun leaps in the glimmering scales of sidereal Pisces, the Enchanted Fishes.  This intriguing constellation consists of two fish, one upright facing northward and the other, parallel ling the path of the sun, sports a crown or circlet of stars above its head.  They are joined together by one shimmering band, linking them loosely. We immediately think of those two species ever at odds, Spirit and Soul, joined together by the silver cord of the body during life.  How often does our spirit long to leap free into the sparkling air while our soul soars down into the purple deep, with only our body holding us in place?  This fish tale is our story, the fish and the fishers of men!  

    This band which nets the Fish hosts the brightest stars of the whole constellation as a knot.  It loops around the fish tails, (or tales!!) around the neck of the great Whale Cetus and under the outstretched arm of the Lamb.  

    The Pisces sun enlivens within us real empathy, sustaining compassion, and emotional alchemy.  While in Pisces, the sun is at its most imaginative height, the peak of the creative process, filled with generosity, thoughtful, and kind!  Dreamy, romantic, loving music and song, we feel no enmity, loving all unselfishly and unstintingly, offering sympathy when we have nothing else.  

    The names of the stars in the sign include Quickly Returning, The Redeemer, The Shepherd, Uniting, Upholding, The Multitude, The Company of Him Who Cometh, Posterity, and Multiplying.  This is the sign you find most often representing any show business, managerial, or royal industry.


    Jesus was born just as the age of Pisces dawned; He was the Lamb of God (last precessional sign was Aries) who became the Fisher of Men.  Within the boundaries of Pisces are the stars of Cepheus, the King, holding a scepter!

     The antichrists were born just as Pisces ended, Karl Marx 1818, Adolph Hitler 1889, George Soros 1930, all defeated by His breath.

    Pisces demonstrates itself and its effects through extremes.  Even the mission of Jesus is called The Passion!!  It was dramatic and frankly messy, and demonstrated fully that a price for anything of value must be paid in full in equal value.

     We can ruminate on the moral of the old axiom, you get what you pay for. 

     Most agree that the age of Pisces ended in 1881, and recognize that in 1914 Jesus the Christ was first observed on the etheric planes of earth.  What a relief, to know that the age of the dragon is over, and Christ reigns as our king!

     The physical territories of Pisces include eastern Europe, Greece, and Egypt.

     The transfer to the Age of Aquarius has been completed, which we know for a fact in the most innocent and innocuous of ways; most, if not all of us, nowadays, carry a water bottle!



     From the 5th till the 25th of March the sunrise is bound by The Bands (of the Fishes).  These stars have several modern names, including The Lizard, but anciently they were seen to be the bridle which bound together two fish going in opposite directions.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Bridle, The Bands, Binding Who Comes.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are artistic, scientific, inventive, unpredictable, with marked spiritual tendencies.  


     From the 26th till the 3rd of April the sun rises on the beautiful princess Andromeda The Enchained.  This daughter of Men became a victim of others boastfulness and vanity, and was due to be sacrificed on the altar of vengeance!  Luckily, a sea monster died instead! The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Set Free From Death; Delivered From the Grave; and The Assembled.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are domestic, idealistic, and home loving with a real dislike of dissension and combativeness.  


     From the 3rd till the 14th of April Cepheus the King rises with the sun.  This king ruled ancient, mysterious Aetheopia, and was befriended by the sea gods. This constellation includes the charming Garnet Star.  The individual names for the stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Coming Quickly, The Redeemer, Who Breaks, and The Circle.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are energetic, active, constructive, and very spiritually inclined.


    The light of Pisces is described as softest lilac, a pastel purple glow, mixed with fiercely pink magenta!

    The Piscean light is purely spiritual in nature, frequently affecting heavenly connections and subtle awakenings.  Lilac energy rays prompt us to aid and help others without return or reward.  We rush to the rescue!  We are always guided from above.

    The magenta shade is the color of altruism and selfless service to humanity.  

    Raspberries are that color, as are some sunsets at this time of year, so intense as to stop traffic in awe.   




The Letter written by Jesus the Christ to the sign Pisces:


'And to the Angel Zadekial guide of the congregation of Pisces, write:  

'So says He who has the sharp sword of two edges, master of the double entendre and double talk!

'I know you have had a rough time of it, living right in the city of My detractor, Satan.  I have seen and heard you defend Me in the face of every criticism, and I know that you remain absolutely loyal to Me, openly, for all to see.  I know you would choose death over losing Me.

'The problem is that you are just as openly mixing it up with the loose, the loony, the sleazy and the porn stars of the moment.  Your stance is that you will not enter into judgment on such behavior, like good lawyers; now I told you not to judge the person, but you have to know the difference between the person and personal responsibility!  I don't see a lot of that in Pisces!  

'You also have nothing to say to those who accept government subsidies over several generations, so much for taking care of each other!


'And those who have quick discerning minds should hear what the Savior says to ALL the churches:

'To him who strives against all odds and overcomes, I will feast him with unnoticed gourmet treats, and gift him with a personal momento of My own, with a message engraved on it to him, in My own hand, from My own heart.' 


In modern parlance:

     To Pisces, who are guided by the angel Zadkiel, also called Jupiter, chief of who is in charge of the city of Pergamon.  Jesus was joyful and full of praise for the faithfulness shown here!!  Their loyalty knows no bounds!  They never deny Christ.  What a resounding triumph!  This, especially, as Jesus pointedly admits twice that this place, this sign, this planet, is where Satan lives, and has his throne.

    In fact, this is the one criticism that Christ levies against Pergamon.  Jesus is not pleased about the tolerance shown by generous Zadkiel and his people toward the impostors, the idol worshipers, and lets them know it!

     We know that a huge temple to the Greek Zeus was built here in Pergamon; it is to the angel of the planet Jupiter that Jesus writes this letter.  However, it is to the darkness of the orb of Neptune, the Intelligence which inhabits that realm, which He refers when he designates the throne of Satan, where Satan dwells.  We believe this because Neptune is the second orb involved in the conjunction which oversaw the commencement of communism.

     Neptune is also known as Dionysus, which some historians and astrologers in the world correlate to Jesus, in that both were shepherds, both created wine from water, and both were dying and resurrecting gods. 

     As if!

     Those of us who reject the teachings of Balaam and the asinine are promised a pure   white stone or jewel, inscribed with a brand new name, secret even to the angels!

     Jesus says, 'I AM the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall never hunger,' in John 6:35, referring to Jupiter and to the chakra of the belly, of multiplication and growth.

     As if!

     Those of us who reject the teachings of Balaam and the asinine are promised a pure white stone or jewel, inscribed with a brand new name, secret even to the angels!

     Jesus says, 'I AM the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall never hunger,' in John 6:35, referring to Jupiter and to the chakra of the belly, of multiplication and growth.



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