We are in fact in the Last Days... the last days of the Age of Pisces.  This is a rough time!!  As the Age began, not with the birth of our Lord, but with His death and resurrection, we can put things in perspective when it comes to 'rough!'.

    It would not be surprising if we begin to feel real despair at the state of our nation.  Pisces is at an extreme degree, and Pisces is extreme in itself!! Religious fervor is a hallmark of the Fishes, and this trait in murderous sect is repugnant in the extreme!  Pisces is about self sacrifice, martyrdom, as well as delusion, illusion, addiction to drugs and to intense emotional shocks to the system, all so evident in our daily life now as the Age gasps the final breath.  

     The sun is currently rising at 4 degrees of sidereal Pisces at the spring equinox, which will occur in 2020 on March 19th at 8 50 PM Pacific time.  This puts us well within the cusp of Aquarius, and we feel that back and forth tug which not only characterizes Pisces, but the the next sign also.  Aquarius is an air sign, full of ideas whose time has not yet come, with its feet in the air and head even higher.   Our sun rises in abutting the first decanate of  Aquariu, as the water bearer is facing the uprising fish of Pisces.  This decanate is called The Mouth of The Fish.  That says a mouthful about our current times!!

     In Matthew 17:27, we read the words of Jesus Himself:  'But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.'

     So many have puzzled over the meaning of this little statement by Jesus, wondering what it meant, and why such a small thing was included in the all-important Word.  There is no other reason that such a line should be included, save that it refers to the decanate of Aquarius.  One of the proofs that the sacred science of astrology is still valid is the recurrence of actions and reactions in accordance with the story in the stars.  This is precisely where we are in the window of time, at the Mouth of the Fish, to discover the miracle of Christ Himself!!       

     The Mouth of the Fish is stating that He will pay our tax, which He already has done.  The first part of that line is 'but so that we may not cause offense...' telling indeed!  So apropos to our day!  Just about everyone everywhere is ready to take offense at every opportunity!  And here is Jesus with a direct message for our day: 'so that we may not cause offense.'  

     This tells us everything we need to know!

   Interestingly, the last decanate of Aquarius is that of Cygnus, the swan, which many of us call the Northern Cross.  The Ancients considered Cygnus to be a point destination for the souls of the dead at departure.  Cygnus was a close friend of Phaeton, the son of Icarus who flew too close to the sun on waxen wings and met his demise at sea.  Cygnus dived into the sea and swam in circles trying to recover the body of his lost friend after his fiery catastrophe.

     The individual names for the stars of the constellation include Who Goes and Comes; Flying Quickly; Glorious Shining;  and He Shall Come Down.  The years covered by this last decanate will be approximately 2400 to 2460.  Not meaning to set dates, but make of this what you will.    

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