Sunday November 8 2020

  The Word from our Sponsor, Jesus, the Christ.


        As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil.

                     James 4:16


     Our morning star, the sun, descends into the sign of discovery, resurrection from the depths, but having to plumb those depths, Scorpio, on Monday the 16th at 2 25 PM Pacific, 5 25 PM eastern time.  We have arrived at the deepest of autumn days.  Darkness has closed upon us all. 

     The quicksilver Mercury, orb of communication, continues his tread through Libra.  Lawsuits, litigation, accusation, disruption of access, and patience!!  

     Venus the Golden Girl slip slides away in Virgo, and romance is out of the question.  She enters her own winter home of Libra on the 19th of November, running behind Mercury almost as a mop up operation, or so I hope.  These are harsh times.  With Venus in Libra some sense of civility and grace resumes, and legal issues, while at the forefront of all matters and minds, will be ironed out fairly.  

     I expect resolution when Mercury follows the sun into Scorpio on Sunday the 29th as Advent begins, the 30th being the Feast of Saint Andrew of Scotland.  The moon comes full with an eclipse in sidereal Taurus on the 30th.  What secrets won't come to light then???  Mercury is a gabber, and Scorpio is secret, but lucrative.  Scorpio occupies the natural 8th house of gifts, unearned income, insurances, the goods of the dead... I know I should not add this, but remember the curse of Tecumseh.  Every president who has been elected in an even zero year has died in office, with the exception of Reagan, who was shot but not fatally. Just sayin' when I know I should keep my own council.

     Of course the big news is the lasting effect of the embrace of Jupiter and Pluto, from Sunday the 8th (the day the media crowned Joe Biden) till Friday the 13th November.  This occurred in sidereal Sagittarius at 27 degrees, the backdrop of which is the star field of Draco, the Dragon.  Jupiter is a supersizer, and Pluto is an intensifier, and Sagittarius is the sign of journalism, truth, the law, higher education, pilgrimage, travel, all foreign affairs.  All these will intensify and broaden during this period, hitting President Trump in his 6th house of everyday affairs, and Biden in his second house of earned income.  He is counting his gold in acquiring the Land of the Free.  We can expect this embrace to intensify and broaden our own lives wherever it impacts our own individual charts, but it strikes us hard as a nation.  It feels as if we have sold ourselves into bondage, slavery, for money to the banks and financial institutions, in direct contradiction to God and country. 

     When Jupiter has enhanced Pluto enough for anyones appetite, he rolls on into Capricorn and squashes Saturn, the old iron giant, in the sign that the dour orb governs (government itself).  Beginning on the 16th of December we feel the effects of the two come together in Capricorn both sidereal and seasonally, the sign widely misunderstood.  The sign is one of resurgence, resurrection, transitioning from a goat dying on the mountain tops into a lively dolphin splashing in radiant green waves.  The Cornucopia, a never ending fresh fruit feast, comes from one of the goats horns, as Jupiter.  As Saturn, one tradition, government, or way, dies.  As Pluto is not far away, but still in the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius, we know we will continue to feel that rock hard influence of Truth through the conjunction.  Remember, Pluto touched off Saturn back a couple of months ago, and then Jupiter last week.  Each planet carries this energy forward into the new stillium, and what a firestorm it is!

     The actual embrace lasts from the 20th, the winter solstice, till Christmas Eve.  It strikes the birth chart of America, the USA, in the 2nd house of income and values, right atop our natal Pluto.  The times, they are a'changin!  The sun, which in a mundane chart represents the president, is in the nations 1st house conjunct Mercury, while the moon is in the third house of communication in sidereal Aquarius, conjunct transiting Neptune.  Venus is in the 12th house of sidereal Scorpio, the secret sign in the secret house, the place of self undoing and secret enemies.  As Neptune is the planet of communism, Marx, and pure bullshit, I think you can see what I am saying. 

     Not the best or happiest news, Star Travelers!  But we get the government we vote in.

    Just as Mars flounders back forward again in Pisces, and all the swishing and splashing, thudding and thumping, riling back and forth, happen again and again in reverse order in the sign of the Enchanted Fishes.   Mars in Pisces is rage that cannot assert itself in either direction.  He pushes back into his native Aries just after Christmas. 

     Not a quiet winter or a calm New Year either!!



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