And to the angel Michael who guides the congregation of Leo, write:




'So says the first and the last, He who was dead and lives.

'I know that you work hard to solve your problems and that you give generouslyto local charity, caring for your poor.  I know you take an increasing load of flak from those who claim to be good Christians, models at the pinnacle of the church, but who are no more Christian than Satan himself.

'Just blow them off, and know that they can not really hurt you.  They intend to try their best, having you put in prison and your trial televised so the world can see it to your embarrassment.  Just stay with Me, and I promise you will live as the kings of earth forever in the New Eden.

'Let every discerning spirit hear what I say to the Churches:  All who remain faithful to Me will not suffer the real death of the soul!  


'Say these things to ALL the congregations and signs.'

    To Leo and all those ruled by the angel of the sun, Michael, which is the strongest point of heavenly energy in our reality.  It is our physical strength, vitality, and sense of identity.  

    When addressing Michael, the angel overseeing the city of Smyrna, and all the Leos and Leo-ruled, Jesus was pleased!  He noted that Leos quietly endure suffering and do their best to alleviate poverty in the midst of plenty.  Their steadfast faithfulness to Jesus, even when faced with jail, public persecution, and execution, has won for Leo the crown of eternal life!

   This is the most reassuring news in the world!  If you are Leo, or have major activity in that sign, Christ expects a great deal of fortitude and faith from you, as one of His own soldiers!

     The sun infuses life essence to all that we truly are, being the heart of the solar system and that of all that lives.  In His I AM sayings in the gospel of John, Jesus says, 'I AM the light of the world;  he who follows Me shall never walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life,'  John 8:12.   This saying perfectly cleanses and balances our heart chakra! 

     In this letter, Jesus is scathing in His references to a synagogue of Satan, which He personally intends to humiliate and destroy.  Those of the synagogue of Satan are described as those who pretend to be Jews, but who are not in fact Jews.  They are liars.  

     Leos are notorious for their truthfulness, and short fuse when faced with liars!


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