And to the angel Haniel that guides the congregation of Taurus, write:




'So says the Son of Yahweh, He who has {eyes like a flame of fire and} feet like brass.

'I know your life is dedicated entirely to Me, as your works and your lives prove!  In fact, your devotion to Me is now greater than it was in the beginning!  Your love has grown in a way that brings tears to my eyes.

'There is just one little problem, being your offshoot church, Ma Bell, who admits to being my prophetess but speaks in a tricky, ambiguous, flip flop kind of way that seems to be accommodating, or worse, justifying, the peoples continued backsliding and sinning.  She has no problem with common law marriage, if they go even that far, and thinks food stamps are OK for good Christian people.

'I Myself have sent her notice that this is not My intention that My people have any part of a government, or government subsidy, or a government program.  She doesn't seem to be getting My message, so I wonder who she is really listening to and working for...

'I want to remind you what I have said to you before, to be in this World but not a part of it.  If you are a part of it, you are in for your share of it's sorrows and punishment and destruction.  It should be self evident!  Wise up!!  

'So I say again, to all of Taurus but especially to those who have refused the handshake of the devil and to get into collusion with him, that I will not bring any more burden upon you.  Whatever you have now, hold on, hold on with all your might, until I come home again.

'He who keeps his self sufficiency and remains true to Me will become the new government of the New Eden, the Restored Earth, to devise natural, unbreakable rules.  I have gotten these rules and this authority from Yahweh, creator of the universe, and the rules will be like gravity, or mathematics.  

'And you will be as beautiful and as seen as the morning star!


'Say this to ALL the churches!!'

    To Taurus, those blessed signs ruled over by Hagiel, also known as Venus!  This angel also has charge of Thyatira, and all the Venus-ruled.

     In His letter to this angel in Revelations, Jesus was full of the warmest praise! The Venus-ruled excel in love of God, in perfect faith, in good works, in patient endurance of waiting while undergoing constant improvement in character.  These good followers of the Good Shepherd and lovers of God actually increase in their steadfastness and loving- kindness as they go on!


     Jesus is less than pleased by our toleration of Jezebel, a prophetess of some renown and influence, who teaches unwary Christians 'the deep things of Satan', or arguments in favor of atheism, and the practice of total immorality.  This tendency to copy the ways of our pagan neighbors is noted in history as what the Sophisticated tend to do. Jesus wonders aloud why we view obvious deviation from His Word with equanimity, and allow the idolatry of communism within our own church. He points out that the result of slow steady compromise with world is immorality in our own soul.

     And, He suggests we drop such artifices!

     He promises us here that He will repay each one of us according to our deeds. 

     In this letter Jesus affirms His identity as the Morning Star and that in time, we will share that identity, image, and likeness!!

     In John 11:25, Jesus says, 'I AM the resurrection and the life;  he who believes in Me, even though he die, yet shall live.' 

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