The United States of America is unique among nations for one reason alone;  it was founded to assure freedom of practice of religion and conscience.  This nation, and no other, has prospered because of it.  Canada is on the same continent, but isn't the same environment at all.  The countries of the Central and South American continents were founded under the lash of Roman Catholicism, and it shows.  

     Most of us who read can easily identify America in Bible prophecy as the woman given eagles wings.  Paraphrasing, we know that John of Patmos, the beloved disciple, had a vision of a beautiful woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, with a crown of 12 stars on her head. This vision describes a personification of the zodiac, the band of star signs where God Almighty has written plain and loud His plan for salvation in the stars of heaven.  Think too of the outline of the Statue of Liberty, which towers majestically above New York Harbor.  Think of her words written on tablets of stone.

     The woman, who is the zodiac, and Liberty, was pregnant and gave birth to a child, Jesus the Savior, whose story we can follow with ease if we learn the names and stories of the stars in the night sky.  Jesus will rule the cosmos with an iron will, in due time.  The woman, who is the zodiac, was given an eagles wings and flown into the wilderness to be cared for by God in the Wilderness.  The zodiac come to earth, either symbolically or spiritually, as America, as Lady Liberty.  The earth itself then rescued the woman from a torrent of flood sent by her nemesis the Dragon, who sought to destroy her.  So much for the plan and layout of D.C.!!  If we can't see the lifestory of America here, so clearly defined, then we may consider ourselves quite obtuse and obstinate.  The Holy Spirit may be visiting the house next door, no??  

     We can also see a real connection between America and American culture with the woman with the eagles wings by Jesus' own behavior. The synoptic Gospels of the canonical New Testament contain a relatively high number of references to women, all of them positive, uplifting, and honorable. We can be especially impressed by this in comparison with literary works of the same epoch in Roman, Greek, and pagan writings. No one can find any recorded instance where Jesus disgraces, belittles, reproaches, or stereotypes a woman. The many examples of the manner of Jesus are instructive for inferring His attitudes toward women, and show repeatedly how he liberated and affirmed women. Of all founders of religions and religious sects, Jesus stands alone as the one who did not discriminate in some way against women. By word or deed he never encouraged the disparagement of a woman.  

     The Gospels record several instances where Jesus reaches out to "unnoticeable" women, inconspicuous silent sufferers who blend into the background and are seen by others as "negligible entities destined to exist on the fringes of life."  Jesus notices them, recognizes their need and, "in one gloriously wrenching moment, He thrusts them on center stage in the drama of redemption with the spotlights of eternity beaming down upon them, and He immortalizes them in sacred history."

     Those of us who pay attention to world events, or who have traveled outside of the Land of the Free, know first hand how women are denied basic humanity by most of the world, except in America. 

     Is it any wonder then that some, even Christians by choice and Americans by birth, represent a whole different cast in this drama?

    In Revelations, 12: 17, we hear further testimony from John of Patmos;  'Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.'

     Sadly, sorrowfully to pierce our Lord yet again, some churches and denominations close their doors to women in the ministry and condemn America for being the Drunken Slut of the City.  Protestations of patriotic military service and earnest Bible study aside, this view does not add up in any way, and can not be defended by any but the most pernicious of goats.


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